Medical Vs Natural Drug Detox

Many people find it surprising to hear that medical drug detox involves putting additional drugs into the body, and that some recovering addicts continue taking maintenance medications for months or even years after quitting. There’s something slightly counterintuitive in the idea of using drugs to combat drug use. Yet that’s the way the mainstream medical community does it, and millions of people have been helped by these drug detox methods.

Alternative drug detox

Still, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of using medication to quit drugs, there are alternative options. There are even some that are sanctioned by the medical community. However, the most important thing to understand when approaching more natural forms of drug detox is that there is inevitably going to be more pain and discomfort. Going through withdrawal without the aid of drugs is not fun, and you have to be prepared for a tough few days before the drug detox phase is complete.

Granted, there are some natural remedies for easing the symptoms associated with drug detox, but none are nearly as effective as the kinds of medical treatments patients receive at inpatient drug detox facilities. The natural remedies may take the edge off some of the headaches, body soreness, and anxiousness that are normal side effects of drug withdrawal, but those symptoms will still exist. What’s more, if you happen to have more serious side effects such as seizures or hallucinations, the natural remedies may not be effective at all.

Safety first

If your addiction isn’t serious, you may be able to use natural methods to get through the detox phase, but anyone with a long-term, serious addition is going to have trouble without medications. In any event, it’s never a good idea to rely upon unproven treatments that are not guaranteed to work. If you’re going to use natural drug treatment methods, make sure you do plenty of research beforehand, and have a backup plan in case the natural treatments don’t work.

And whatever you do, it’s always best to consult with a medical doctor prior to beginning your drug detox. Withdrawal can be life-threatening in extreme cases, so even if you’re leaning toward natural detox, don’t go through with it until after you’ve talked with your doctor.